• Take Personal Responsibility Early Before Things Get Out of Hand

    The Tenth Step wisely exhorts us to take a stitch before the whole seam is gone, to fix the leaky faucet before we have a flood, to keep checking the oil level to protect the engine from damage. The Tenth is the taking-care-of-business Step.

    There's nothing fun or exciting about maintenance. While it's essential to ongoing well-being, it can seem tedious and annoying to reflect back on each day with a critical eye. And we don't enjoy repeatedly seeking out and admitting our faults. But the discipline of a daily Tenth Step is the best precaution we can take to safeguard our gains and prevent further losses.

    Like a mirror, a daily Tenth Step gives us a clear, realistic picture not one distorted by despair or wishful thinking of who we are and how we're doing. And just as we use a mirror, we need only check ourselves out and go on with our business. A Tenth Step takes only a minute or two.

    A daily devotional excerpt from the book, "Days of Healing, Days of Joy" by Earnie Larsen. You can get the book here: Days of Healing, Days of Joy: Daily Meditations for Adult Children (Hazelden Meditations)

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